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Why the All-Inclusive Approach Works

At ClearChoice, your entire dental team, the lab and your support staff are together in the same center. This approach is not only highly-efficient, it also allows your team to be extremely collaborative. The result? A better treatment plan for our patients.

Compare: The Traditional Path

Getting dental implants used to mean a lot of running around and waiting. You’d have to make separate visits to all the different specialists, wait on scans, wait for records to be transferred and wait for all parties to communicate. Typically, here’s what the process would typically include:


Make an appointment to have a consultation with an oral surgeon.


Then you have to go to a special imagery lab to get a 3D CAT scan.


After that, you go back to the oral surgeon who performs the implant surgery and has measurements taken for their prosthetics.


Measurements are sent to a prosthodontist & dental lab for the teeth to be made.


You then go to the prosthodontist to have the prosthetics fitted and finally installed.

As you can see, if you choose this path, you’d have to make several stops at separate locations. This costs you time and money. That’s why ClearChoice found a better way.

Compare: The ClearChoice Path


A Simpler Solution

When you’re on this path, you’ll be working with the same team of dental implant professionals throughout the entire process. First, a 3D image will be taken of your mouth and you will consult with the team to determine the best course of treatment. You’ll also get one fixed price that covers the entire procedure. When you return to ClearChoice, the surgery will usually be done in one day—and you can walk away with fully functioning teeth. At your follow-up appointment, you’ll again meet with the same team.

One Team. One Cost. One Location.

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