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Who Is ClearChoice?

ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers

ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers are a network of dental treatment centers providing innovative and quality dental implant care to patients across the United States.

Each ClearChoice Center is owned and operated by licensed and experienced dental experts, providing comprehensive dental implant treatment services in advanced, all-in-one treatment facilities. Each center is equipped with modern technology, including advanced 3D CAT Scan technology and a full-service, on-site lab to support innovative and quality care for dental implant patients.

All ClearChoice centers have a shared clinical affiliation, providing the opportunity for national collaboration between doctors on procedures, protocols, and clinical experience. The ClearChoice Center National Panel of Doctors meets regularly to share experiences, discuss developments, and coordinate research around dental implant procedures and protocols.

ClearChoice Management Services, LLC (CCMS)

Each ClearChoice Dental Implant Center has a business affiliation with ClearChoice Management Services, LLC (CCMS), which subject to and in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations provides comprehensive practice management services to each center.

CCMS also assists local dental specialists in developing and opening new ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers in cities and communities across the U.S.

CCMS is located in Denver, Colorado.

ClearChoice Holdings, LLC (CCH)

ClearChoice Holdings, LLC (CCH) is the direct parent company of CCMS, and is also located in Denver, Colorado. CCH is a privately held company founded in 2005, with no ownership by any implant company or other dental manufacturer.

ClearChoice Philosophy

Make quality dental implant treatment more convenient, more timely, and more affordable

At ClearChoice Centers, our objective is to provide quality care by not only using specialists to deliver treatment–but to have all the specialists at one location, working together as a team, and supported by modern imaging equipment and an on-site lab.

Dental implants have proven to be a treatment of choice for missing teeth. Compared to traditional bridges and dentures, implant- supported restorations look and function more like natural teeth, provide a more permanent solution, and are generally preferred by patients.

Conventional dental implant treatment approaches are often not patient friendly and are often delivered by a fragmented network of general dentists and specialists, each providing a portion of the implant treatment, but with no one responsible for the totality of care. The patient must often make trips to multiple offices, seek treatment by multiple care providers with extended treatment periods, multiple bills, uncertainty of total costs, and concern about who to call.

In some cases, general dentists have attempted to provide total dental implant care by placing the implants themselves, and doing the full restoration in their own office. However, the reality is that specialists have more training and experience in implant dentistry, and are generally in a better position to handle implant cases, especially difficult ones.


At ClearChoice, quality care is provided when you have all of your treatment performed by experienced specialists. Oral surgeons with advanced training and residencies in surgery and additional training in anesthesia properly place your dental implants. Additionally, their generalized training prepares them to handle the potential complications that may arise during the procedure.

Prosthodontists (dentists who have additional training in the replacement of missing teeth) handle the exams, treatment planning, and actual placement and adjustments of the new teeth. They provide fit and function designed to give you a permanent and comfortable solution.


The ClearChoice model provides complete and comprehensive dental implant treatment services at a single facility. Each ClearChoice Dental Implant Center is a fully equipped facility where all specialists work as a team to provide your dental implant care. The facility includes dental CAT Scan equipment to give the doctors a full, 3D view of your teeth, jaws, bone condition and nerve locations. This equipment allows ClearChoice doctors to better understand your dental condition, and better plan your treatment.

Each ClearChoice center also has a fully equipped, on-site dental implant laboratory, staffed by master dental technicians. The on-site lab allows ClearChoice to deliver your new teeth immediately following placement of your implants. It also allows ClearChoice to quickly handle any adjustments or repairs that may be necessary over time.


In most cases, ClearChoice can deliver your implants and beautiful new teeth, all in the same day! Traditional implant treatment has been delivered using a multi-stage treatment approach–often with large gaps in time (six months or more) between the implants insertion and new teeth placement. In many cases, patients are left during this time with no teeth, or with an uncomfortable partial or full denture.

ClearChoice is a leader in the application of Immediate Function,™ or single-stage procedures. Clinical studies have proven that, with the right implants and proper placement, new teeth can be placed on the implants immediately after insertion with success rates equal to or better than the traditional multi-stage approach. The result is that, in most cases, ClearChoice patients can have their implants placed and receive their beautiful new teeth, all in the same day. This is possible because of the quality protocols used at ClearChoice, the expertise and experience of our specialists, and our on-site 3D CAT Scanning equipment and dental laboratory.


At ClearChoice Centers, we seek to make dental implant treatment as affordable as possible, with options to fit most budgets. By its nature, dental implant treatment is more costly than less-effective and less-permanent solutions such as bridges and dentures. However, many patients clearly prefer the look, feel, and functionality of dental implants versus other restorative solutions. In many cases, treatment at ClearChoice Centers can cost less than with other providers because of our overall treatment approach:

  • Fewer appointments: Because everything is at one location, our treatment protocols often require fewer appointments, thus lowering the overall costs.
  • Fewer implants: For full arch restorations, our quality protocols use only four implants, versus the six, eight, or more implants used in other treatment approaches. This lowers the overall cost of treatment, yet is clinically proven to deliver the same or better quality of results.
  • Less bone grafting: Most ClearChoice Center protocols, especially the All-on-4 procedure for the full-arch, avoid the need for bone grafts. This approach is less invasive, and generally significantly reduces treatment time and costs.
  • One fixed price: Because ClearChoice Centers handle your entire implant treatment at one location, you are given a fixed price, up front, so that you know exactly what your treatment will cost. There are no add-on charges for supplies, lab services, or additional work that may be required to successfully complete your treatment plan.
  • Multiple financing options: ClearChoice Centers have solid relationships with multiple healthcare financing companies. Consultants can help you find the right financing option to fit your budget requirements.