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At ClearChoice Dental Implant Center, we offer a variety of smile restoration options, including overdentures. Overdentures are a removable prosthesis supported by 2-4 dental implants placed into the jaw that secure the teeth into place

Roni, ClearChoice West Covina

Compared to dentures and other non-permanent solutions, overdentures provide:

  • Better stability – no slipping or shifting
  • Improved function – better chewing capacity 
  • Enhanced comfort less need for sticky adhesives 

“Overdentures can help you eat better than a denture.”

Dr. Sameh El-Ebrashi
ClearChoice Prosthodontist

Look & Feel Your Best

Managing your oral health through treatments like overdentures can help improve your overall health and wellbeing. Addressing your dental condition can help:

Reduce your risk of illness like stroke, heart disease, and diabetes

Expand your diet to include healthy foods like nuts, fruits, and vegetables

Restore health to the tissues and bone that support your teeth

Invest in Your Smile & Yourself

More affordable than fixed full-arch dental implants, but better function than dentures, overdentures are an excellent investment. With multiple treatment paths and third-party financing options, there’s no better time to find out if overdentures are right for you. 

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