Dental Implant Comparisons - Compare to Alternatives

Dental Implants Compared to Alternative Options

Dental implants are fast becoming a favorite tooth replacement solution for both patients and doctors alike — and for good reason. Whether you’re replacing a full upper and lower set of teeth, multiple teeth, or a single tooth, dental implants offer a wide range of advantages over older, short-term options like dentures, bridges, or flippers.

Where Other Solutions Fall Short

While dentures, flippers, and bridges may offer short-term gains, dental implants offer a long-term tooth replacement solution. For starters, dental implants are the only option that look and feel like natural teeth, giving you the freedom to live life without changing much in your daily routine.


With dental implants, you simply brush and floss as if you were born with them. Other alternatives require daily removal for cleaning, frequent upkeep, and adjustments every few years.

Feel and Function

Dental implants can help you smile, talk, and eat without worry. These practical benefits can lead to things like improved diet and overall health. Flippers can actually reduce your ability to taste because the device itself covers the palate, while crowns can cause tooth sensitivity because the tooth is ground down to the root in order to attach the cap.

Oral Health

More importantly, other alternatives have a negative impact on adjacent teeth, putting stress and pressure on gums which can damage tissue and cause sores. On the other hand, dental implants integrate with your mouth, providing a stimulus that actually protects the jawbone from deteriorating. This helps maintain a full facial structure, which in turn keeps jaws and gums healthier.

Compare Teeth Replacement Options

Teeth Replacement Options Implants Bridge Flipper Dentures
Longevity Lifetime 7-10 years 1-3 years 5-7 years
Damage Adjacent Teeth No Yes Yes Yes
Added Stress on Gums No No Yes Yes
Prevent Bone Loss Yes No No No
Periodic Adjustments No Yes Yes Yes
Accelerated Teeth Loss No Yes Yes Yes
Covers Palate No No Yes Yes

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