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Make Every Day a Healthy Smile Day

The day you get your ClearChoice Dental Implants is the day you start feeling better inside and out. Dental implants not only restore your smile and confidence, but they can also dramatically improve your oral and overall health.

Oral health facts:

  • Poor dental health can lead to a host of other health problems
  • 120+ different diseases originate in the mouth
  • Gum disease increases your risk of heart disease by 25%
  • A diet limited by dental pain or missing teeth can be nutritionally deficient

By improving your oral health, dental implants can relieve dental discomfort, help reduce your risk of major diseases, and expand your diet so you can eat what you need to feel great.

Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

More than 120+ different diseases originate in the mouth, including gum disease. Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss, but that’s not all it can lead to when it comes to your health. It also quadruples your risk of stroke and increases your risk of heart disease by 25%*. 

84% of People With Heart Disease Also Have Gum Disease

ClearChoice Dental Implants can help improve oral health and reduce inflammation in the mouth, which can help lower your risk for many major diseases, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s

Expand Your Diet and Improve Your Health

Poor dental health, including tooth loss and decay, has been shown to reduce the absorption of key essential nutrients in the body, particularly fiber and Vitamin C. Dental implants let you eat whole nutritious foods again like fresh fruit, crisp veggies, and nuts.

The ClearChoice Difference

We’ve helped more than 150,000 people restore their smile and get back to the life they love.

One Team

Prosthodontists, oral surgeons, and lab techs all work together under one roof to create your treatment plan and complete your entire treatment process.

One Cost

Since we work as a team, we can give you one all-inclusive price so you’ll know the total cost right from the start. We also offer third-party financing options.

*Compared to people with mild or no gum disease

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