Cedric's Success Story

Welcome Back Cedric

Cedric felt like his dental issues limited him in professional and social situations, and even impacted his ability to enjoy going on vacation. Fed up with short term fixes, he decided to research ClearChoice.

Now with a healthy new smile, Cedric is looking forward to sharing it with every person he meets. Watch the video or read more about his story below.

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The Trip of a Lifetime

In Cedric’s mind, the moments where he felt embarrassed because of missing and unhealthy teeth began to pile up. As his dental condition continued to decline, it didn’t help that he was reminded of each awkward situation every time he looked at his own vacation photos or reminisced about his trips across the globe.

“You can imagine being on a flight to Rome, and not being able to turn to the person next to you and smile. Then picture yourself walking through the Roman Coliseum: it’s only tolerable being there when you should be thrilled. I couldn’t smile or laugh. I couldn’t be me.”

“I just didn’t want to be seen. My mouth was a mess.”

That’s a difficult feeling for Cedric who, as a mental health counselor, willingly gives up the ability to hide and conceal himself in order to work intimately with people in distress. That spotlight was also unforgiving.

“One day after a group meeting, one of my crowns fell out of my mouth in front of several clients. I was surrounded by people, and I had to pick the tooth up in front of everyone. I was humiliated.”

  • Name: Cedric
  • Age: 53
  • Condition: Unhealthy or Missing Teeth
  • Before:
    • Felt embarrassed in social situations
    • Couldn’t smile in vacation photos
    • Felt like he had to hide his mouth
  • After:
    • Can smile without embarrassment
    • Increased confidence
    • No longer worried about his health
  • Advice: “Your smile represents who you are. You deserve to look the way you feel.”



It didn’t stop Cedric from looking to address his dental problems, but he didn’t want to continue to live with short-term fixes.

“I had discussions with my provider about dentures and crowns, but not about a permanent solution. I had to do the research on my own. That’s when I found ClearChoice.”

“I entered the door, and that was the beginning of the change of my life. Everyone was truly kind, compassionate, and caring.”

“This wasn’t something the team was putting on for me. I could tell they were genuine and sincere.”

Cedric decided to undergo dental implant treatment and receive a full mouth restoration.

“What choice did I have? I could continue on, unhappy with poor dental health, and that could have led to most likely poor overall health. Or I could make a choice to change.”

Now with a healthy new smile, Cedric is looking forward to sharing it with everyone he meets on his travels. Hiding was simply never his style.

“I had to take a leap of faith, and this is where I landed. Before, I was simply existing. But existing and living are two different things. Now I live. I wake up each day with a smile, ready to face the world.”

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