The Benefits of ClearChoice Dental Implants

Understand the Benefits of Dental Implants

This is more than just another dental treatment procedure. ClearChoice Dental Implants® are a truly transformative approach to helping you reclaim what you’ve been missing, and the benefits go far beyond a new smile.

Get a Long-Term Solution

Unlike older, short-term tooth replacement technologies like dentures or bridges, dental implants are made of durable, stable materials like titanium, which don’t require repetitive maintenance and replacement.

In fact, dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care.

Considering that dental implant treatment has a 95% success rate when performed by a dental specialist, it’s easy to see why dental implants are the preferred tooth replacement solution for so many.

Chew, Talk, and Smile with Comfort

One of the things people love most about dental implants is that they feel and function like real teeth. You’ll be able to brush, floss, eat, talk, and smile with comfort and confidence. There’s no slipping, readjusting, reapplying adhesives, or taking them out every night. With dental implants, it’s as if you were born with them.

Improve Your Overall Health

ClearChoice Dental Implants® can help improve more than just your oral health. Dental health is scientifically linked to heart health. The removal of infected teeth and the placement of dental implants can help address gum and heart disease, together. Also, when you are able to eat healthier foods, like raw fruits and vegetables, you can enjoy a healthier, well-balanced diet.


Get Back Your Confidence

If you’ve been dealing with chronic dental issues, over time they may have affected more than just your dental health — like the simple act of laughing without reservation, kissing your spouse, smiling for family photos, or interacting with coworkers. Many patients find that one of the most valuable benefits of dental implants is regaining the confidence to reclaim the life they want and reconnect with others.


Look as Young as You Feel

As soon as teeth are lost, bone loss in the jaw starts. Over time, this causes a sunken-in look that may contribute to looking older. Because dental implants naturally become part of your mouth, they not only keep your jawbone strong and healthy, but also help you maintain the natural shape of your face, helping you look more like you.

See a One-Day Transformation

Although the entire treatment process takes more than one day, you will experience a noticeable transformation on the day of your procedure. That morning, you’ll walk into ClearChoice and leave later that day with a beautiful new smile that you can start sharing right away.

Experience the Benefits

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your treatment goals and learn more about the many advantages of dental implants.