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Dental Implants vs. Anchored Dentures:
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Think anchored dentures are the same as dental implants? Think again.

From the quality and durability of the materials to the improved facial appearance and ability to chew, there are many reasons ClearChoice Dental Implants® are an optimal treatment option for dental restoration.

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Treatment from Specialists

Doctors in the ClearChoice Network include specialists who completed advanced training in dental restoration and oral surgery. They are highly skilled in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of complex issues related to missing or failing teeth.

Documented Patient Outcomes

Any provider can claim positive outcomes, but ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers can prove it. Our research shows that ClearChoice Network patients experience numerous life-changing benefits from dental implant treatments, including improvements in self-esteem, chewing and eating, and overall satisfaction with life.

Tens of Thousands of Patients Served

Since 2005, ClearChoice network doctors have performed dental restorations on more than 125,000 patients in over 70 centers nationwide.

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