Implants vs Dentures

Benefits like improved comfort, enhanced chewing ability, and no daily removal make it easy to see why dental implants are emerging as the preferred tooth replacement solution over dentures.

Comparing Eating

With dental implants, you can eat a wider variety of foods because they work like real teeth. With dentures, chewing capacity is restricted, which can make mealtime more difficult.

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Comparing Fit, Function, and Comfort

With dental implants, you’ll regain comfort and function with a healthy smile that feels great and looks even better.

Dentures vs Dental Implants
Can feel fake and unnatural Feel and function like natural teeth
Often slip and move around; cause discomfort Strong, stable, and securely attached to the jaw; fit comfortably
Likely require creams and adhesives No need for creams or adhesives
Restricted chewing capacity (often have to avoid certain foods) Help restore normal chewing capacity
Eventually need to be remade or relined Long-term solution
Need to be removed daily, for cleaning Easy care and cleaning without removal
Less expensive, but often less effective Investment can last a lifetime
Cover palate, reducing ability to taste Maintain normal senses of taste

Imagine waking up without adhesive gel or dental pain, enjoying food without it getting stuck between your dentures and the roof of your mouth, and laughing without worrying if your teeth will slip or rattle around.

For many people, deciding to invest in dental implants simply comes down to quality of life and peace of mind.

Comparing Jawbone Health

Dentures accelerate bone loss in the jaw, which can lead to further deterioration of facial structure.

Dental implants preserve the remaining jawbone to help maintain facial structure and keep you looking younger.

Comparing Cost

Considering that dental implant treatment is a very specialized, one-day dental surgery procedure, the initial cost of implants is higher than dentures.

While dentures are a less expensive option upfront, costs like repeatedly buying fixatives and cleaning solutions add up over time. They also usually need to be replaced periodically, whereas dental implants can last a lifetime.

Third-party financing options are available for patients who qualify. You owe it to yourself to learn more.

See How Dental Implants Can Transform You

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