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Dental Assistant


Come Grow Your Career with ClearChoice as a Dental Assistant!

Serve patients in life changing implant dentistry, while growing your career within a positive employee-centered culture. We’re searching for passionate, team-oriented individuals who thrive in a fast-paced environment!

At ClearChoice it is about more than restoring teeth; it’s about changing people’s lives.

Position Summary:

The Dental Assistant works under a dentist’s supervision to perform prosthodontic exams to be used for implant treatment planning.  Additionally, the Dental Assistant works closely with the Patient Education Consultants to ensure that world-class patient care is delivered.  Some other responsibilities may include sophisticated functions such as removing sutures, processing x-rays and taking the oral impressions that are used to fit crowns. Previous hygienist experience is desired. 


  • Full-time, paid Dental Assistant position to assist a skilled Prosthodontist in tasks related to dental implant and prosthetic procedures.
  • Competitive compensation ($23 - 27/hour), based on level of experience).
  • Four-day work week; 40 hours per week.
  • Benefits package including medical, dental and vision insurance, in addition to a retirement (401(k)) plan.
  • Some roles are eligible for a merit-based, discretionary performance bonus.
  • Personal and professional development opportunities are available through ClearChoice University.
  • Career Advancement, several of our top dental assistants have elevated into leadership, and specialized education and training roles across the country.


  • Support and assist PEC’s in patient treatment acceptance
  • Work collaboratively with all doctors and clinical staff to ensure patient adherence to treatment plan, including all appropriate medical clearances, interventions, and treatment goals including self-management goals.
  • Perform a variety of patient care, office, and laboratory duties, including but not limited to providing chair-side assistance while dentists examine and treat patients
  • Prepare materials for impressions and restorations, take dental x rays, and process x-ray film as directed by a dentist.
  • Support and assist the dental and surgical assistants as needed, including but not limited to cleaning trays, room setups and cleanups.
  • Ensure patients are as comfortable as possible in the dental chair, prepare them for treatment, and obtain their dental records.
  • Review Prosth Evaluation paperwork, consents, and medical history with the patient.
  • Complete needs assessment of high risk patients.
  • Manage medical clearances and/or follow up on patients who may have delayed treatment
  • Review, coordinate, and collaborate with front office, Prosthodontist, and Oral Surgeon about patients health, needs, lab script, and treatment plan finalization
  • Review and clarify medication with patients, along with clarifying medication intake with patient’s medical doctors and any other health history concerns
  • Communicate appropriately to patients and families regarding treatment
  • Participate, as needed, in the marketing efforts for your Center to increase patient lead generation
  • Obtain dental records including, not limited to: impressions, x-rays, intra and extra oral pictures, Bite registration and face bow as instructed by the Dentist
  • Obtain medical records and health registration (conditions, medications, allergies, etc.)
  • Educate patients on treatment plans, phases, consent forms, pre op and post op instructions.
  • Correspond with other Doctors and physicians to obtain patient medical clearances as needed.
  • Assist with other patient appointments as instructed by Dentist
  • Other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:

  • Dental assistants work in a well-lighted, clean environment.
  • Work area is usually near the dental chair to allow for arranging instruments, materials, and medication and handing them to the dentist when needed.
  • Dental assistants must wear gloves, masks, eyewear, and protective clothing to protect themselves and their patients from infectious diseases.
  • Follow safety procedures to minimize the risks associated with the use of x-ray machines.


  • Dental hygiene experience preferred
  • Dental implant experience desired
  • Must be reliable, work well with others in a fast paced environment, and have good manual dexterity.
  • Must have current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation


Physical Requirements:

  • Regularly required to work in an office environment at both his/her own and others’ desks/offices
  • Required daily to walk the floor, sometimes for extended periods and be able to help wherever needed
  • Able to regularly lift and/or move up to 50 pounds
  • Able to stand for extended periods of time
  • Able to keep hand and arm steady while moving arm or while holding arm and hand in one position
  • Able to make precisely coordinated movements of the fingers of one or both hands to grasp, manipulate or assemble very small objects
  • Able to quickly and repeatedly adjust the controls of a machine to exact positions
  • Able to bend, stretch, twist and/or reach with your body, arms and/or legs
  • Must possess good multi-limb coordination – i.e. the ability to coordinate two or more limbs while sitting or standing
  • Must possess good trunk strength – i.e. the ability to use abdominal or lower back muscles to support part of the body continuously or repeatedly over time without “giving out” or fatiguing
  • Able to shift back and forth between two or more activities or sources of information
  • Good manual dexterity required to enable safe, skillful use of instruments while working in the mouth


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