Betty’s Sister Inspired Action For Change

Betty's failing teeth were taking a toll on her health and her sister stepped in to show support and told Betty about ClearChoice. With a little inspiration Betty was able turn her life around and solve her dental problems.

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    Dental Implant Technology: 3-D CAT Scan Imaging

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    If you are living with missing or failing teeth and have been thinking about making the move to dental implants, you will likely begin the process with a 3-D CAT Scan, which is part of your free consultation at ClearChoice. What we’re talking about isn’t just another medical acronym – it’s actually an exciting new technology we want to share with you.

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    Advances in Dental Implant Technology

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    While dental implants have been around for decades, recent advances in technology and treatment protocols have made treatment more convenient, more effective, and more affordable; making teeth implants a treatment of choice for missing teeth. The cost of dental implants has become manageable, allowing thousands of people to change their lives. In addition, your ClearChoice Dental Implant Center team includes specialists working together for the mutual purposes of better treatment and better patient care. 

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