Online Dating: What Your Smile Says About Your Profile

Online dating continues to surge as a way to meet new people or potential mates. Adults ages 50 to 65 make up one quarter of all members, according to an article on  That’s just one of many online dating services. But if you’re missing teeth, or if your dating profile is missing a photo, you may be missing out on love.

Back to the Basics of Dating: Looks Matter

Dating online offers us a bigger selection of mates, and the ability to get to know several at a time before spending more time and money on a date to determine compatibility.  And research has shown that photographs can predict “interest” when it comes to looking for love.  In one study, 63% of the time a participant's initial photograph-based interest in dating a person was backed up after a five-minute speed date, according to an article at

Also, points out that others can decide how they feel about you in the first two seconds of seeing you.  If your online dating headshot is lacking, your dating calendar may be lacking, too.

What’s Your Profile Picture Saying About You?

Profile photos play a big role in promoting “you”.  So what is your photo saying about you to dating prospects?

If you’re too ashamed to post a photo due to missing teeth, others may think you’re hiding something or not confident … or maybe you don’t have enough worth showing.  If you’re flashing gapped, missing teeth in your profile photo, kudos to you for confidence.  But those missing teeth may be sending a message that you don’t care about the little things, or that you’re not in the best health.  And 64% of singles over age 55 say they would not date someone with health problems, according to a new survey by, an online dating site for 50+ singles (Huffington Post).

Now maybe you’ve gotten creative, and posted a side shot or more serious image where you’re not smiling.  But your most compatible match might pass you by because you appear unhappy or “unfun”.  Besides, smiling is contagious.  Smiling invites conversation.  And smiling exudes confidence, which is one of the qualities both men and women seek in a partner. 

So simply put, if you want to find compatibility and love online, your photo remains key.  You’ve got about two seconds to communicate, “Yes, I’m interesting and worth a closer look. Click me!”

Spiff Up Your Photo and Your Self-Image by Replacing Your Teeth

If missing teeth are holding you back in the dating scene, you have options. Dental implants make an ideal solution, because they won’t slip, click, or fall out, like some dentures or partials. The only clicking you’ll experience with dental implants are the additional clicks you get online in your dating service, thanks to your healthier, more confident photo.  Plus, you’ll be able to set up that first date without agonizing about his or her reaction to your missing teeth anymore.

Then for more tips on putting your best photo forward, check out’s article Posting Your Best Cover Photo.  Your new, pearly whites will be glaring with all the new attention you’re getting online.

If your missing teeth are messing up your dating profile and love life, upgrade your image immediately.  Replace your teeth and refresh that online dating profile shot before true love passes by you! 

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