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Planning For The Cost Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the only permanent solution to missing or failing teeth. And they are an investment. The cost of completed implant procedures in our centers typically ranges from $4,000-$40,000 depending on your condition. Below you'll find information on how to plan for this investment.

Advanced Techniques Put A New You Within Reach

ClearChoice dental implant financing icon

We do our best to make the cost of your dental implant treatment easy and affordable. After all, costs shouldn't limit your options for a better you. Our patient education consultants will assist you in finding financing that fits your budget. Below you’ll see the multiple financing and payment options to help meet your budgetary needs.

ClearChoice Financing

ClearChoice offers 1st party financing as a means to pay for your dental implants. Financing through ClearChoice is dependent upon the state you live in and restrictions do apply. To consider this as an option you should first consult your Patient Education Consultant for full details.

3rd Party Financing

ClearChoice has preferred 3rd party financing vendors to assist you in covering your investment. Because ClearChoice works closely with these vendors we can assist you through the respective financing process. To consider this as an option you should first consult your Patient Education Consultant for full details.

Alternative sources for dental implant financing image

Alternative Sources

Cash payment is not always an option for people, and we have seen unique ways of funding treatment. Depending on your comfort level, you may want to consider alternative sources of funding such as a 401K, IRA, or savings as options to help you pay for your procedure. After all, consider the expenses if you don't take care of your failing teeth. While going in for multiple treatments may have smaller bills, those bills will add up over time and you will still be left with your failing teeth.

Family and Friends

Dental implants can have a profound impact on the individual receiving them. However, this change can also have a major impact on those around you. And a change that family and friends tends to support. Several ClearChoice patients have found that family or friends are a great financial resource.

Financing your dental implants through friends and family image

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